Principles of Personal Data Processing

1. What is included in this document?

This documents informs you about your personal data processing in compliance with applicable data processing legislation.

Information items provided here:

Information item Location of information
Who is my personal data controller Question 2
Purposes of personal data processing Question 3
Legal basis of processing Question 4
Processing period Question 5
Personal data recipients Question 6
Data subjects´ rights Question 7
Effectiveness Question 8

2. Who is my personal data controller?

Your personal data controller is Beecom Prague s.r.o., with registered offices at Pavla Beneše 775/2, Letňany, 199 00 Prague 9, company entered in the Commercial Register under section C and file number 289060, the CR maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague. Herein below this company is referred to as the “Controller“.

The Controller´s contact is Lukáš Beránek,

3. What are the purposes for which you process my personal data?

As you have visited our web site and filled out one of the forms posted therein the Controller has processed your personal data.

You have been informed about the purposes of the processing by the comments to the form you have filled out with reference to this document.

We process your personal data solely for the purpose of:

- Contract execution, user account management and related communication;

- Delivery of related news and offers of further services;In the case of our newsletter subscription for the purpose of:

- Delivery of news, discounts and commercial information;

Subject to which form you have filled out.

4. What is the legal basis of your processing my personal data?

The effective data protection legislation limits the number of legal titles for processing your personal data by a data controller.

If you subscribe for our newsletter the Controller shall process your personal data on the basis of your explicit consent which you can withdraw any time by the procedure described in section 7.5 hereof.

If you request a demo, or fill out the registration form, the Controller shall process your personal data out of necessity for the purpose of execution of a contract between you and the Controller, and further on the basis of legitimate interest of the Controller for the purpose of direct marketing (such as delivery of news, discount offers and other commercial information, including related communication). This legitimate interest of the Controller consists in the interest of the Controller to keep contact with you and an opportunity to address you with offers suitable for you etc.

In the case of this processing you have the right to file an objection against this purpose of process ingusing the procedure pursuant to section 7.6 hereof.

5. For how long will you process my personal data?

As certain personal data are needed by the Controller for the executed contract implementation, these data will be processed throughout the contract period and for maximum 3 years after the contract expiration or termination. Certain data, such as your identification data needed for the purpose of potential proof of contractual supply, shall be kept for 10 years after the contract termination date.

In the case of

- Processing based on your consent: The Controller shall process your personal data until the moment of your consent withdrawal by you;

- Processing for the purpose of direct marketing on the basis of legitimate interest: TheController shall process these data throughout the contract period and for another maximum3 years after the contract expiration/termination (if no contract has been executed then for 3years after the form filling out and submission).

6. Who your personal data are transferred to

The Controller shall not transfer your personal data to any other controller. There are purposes for which the Controller uses processors who help the Controller process your personal data. The Controller has executed the relevant contracts with all these processors and this is the list of their categories:

- Newsletter distribution service: Mailchimp, Pipedrive CRM

- Hosting provider/operator: Google cloud platform

If you are interested in the individual processors within these categories you can apply your right of access pursuant to section 7.1 hereof.

7. What are my rights in connection with my personal data processing and how can I apply them?

According to the current data protection legislation you have several rights which you can apply electronically on, with subsequent identity check by the Controller.

7.1. Right to Access

Anybody may address the Controller with a question whether the Controller processes any of their personal data, including subsequent information about the purpose of the processing, the recipients of the data etc. You as a data subject further have the right of access to the personal data processed about you.

7.2. Right to Correction

The priority of the Controller is to only process exact personal data about you. In the case of any change in or update of your personal data you can ask the Controller for the data correction.

7.3. Right to Erasure

The Controller processes your personal data for the minimum necessary period which is not longer than a period needed for fulfillment of the purpose of the processing. You have the right to ask the Controller to erase your personal data if:

- Your personal data are no longer needed for the purposes for which they were originally processed;

- You have withdrawn your consent with your personal data processing;

- You have raised an objection against the processing on the basis of legitimate interest of direct marketing;

- Your personal data have been processed illegally;

- You have other reasons for erasure according to applicable data protection legislation.

The Controller hereby informs you that the Controller is not always liable to cater for your request, for example when certain personal data are needed for provision of service, or for fulfillment of legal duties, especially in the accounting and tax areas.

7.4. Restriction of Processing

You as a data subject have the right to ask the Controller for restriction of your data processing if:

- You deny accuracy of your personal data processed by the Controller, for the period needed by the Controller to verify this;

- You believe that the processing is illegal, you reject erasure and ask for restriction of use of your data;

- The Controller no longer needs your personal data but you request keeping the data for the purpose of specification, execution or defense of your legal claims;

- You have other reasons for restriction of processing according to applicable data protection legislation

7.5. Right to Withdraw Consent

As you have granted your consent with certain processing of your personal data by the Controller you have the right to withdraw this consent at any time.

In the case of commercial communication you can do that, in addition to the above described procedure, by using the link at the end of every email.

7.6. Right to Raise Objection

As in some cases the Controller processes your personal data on the basis of its legitimate interest for the purpose of direct marketing you have the right to raise an objection against this processing based on which the Controller shall stop processing your personal data for this purpose.

7.7. Right to Data Portability

You have the right to receive data concerning you and provided to the Controller in a structured, commonly used machine-readable format to transfer these data onto another controller.

7.8. Right to File Complaint with Data Protection Officer

If you believe that the Controller processes your data in contradiction to data protection legislation you can address the data protection officer with a complaint.

8. Since when are these conditions effective?

These conditions are effective since 1 June 2019.