Custom development and design

Custom development can be done in two ways: you use in-house developers or you outsource the same to a third-party team. In both cases you need to have a very clear idea and plan for development and spend several months, or up to a year, working with a team to deliver a website, in this case an e-shop, that is tailored exactly to your requirements. It comes with a lot of initial investment, and continues with an ongoing cost of maintenance, bug-fixing with most probably a slow return on investment.

With Magento 2 you have two offers, the Magento Enterprise, which requires the time of designers and developers to create your store, or you can chose a more direct approach on the Magento Community Edition and a Software as a Service solution like Beecom, which allows you to start out easy and fast, with the back and front end already created, so you can arrive at a faster ROI and give yourself and your store time to test the market and think about customizing after you have assessed your learnings and experience.


Developing a store does not stop when the store is launched.It needs to be hosted on a server that will support your store and your future growth.


When going with a specifically chosen hosting, you have the freedom to choose based on server uptime, server location, level of customer support, cache management and scalability.


The disadvantage of such a setup is that you depend on the terms of contract and the functionalities of the third-party provider. If you don’t choose well, you are putting your store at risk. The service might turn out to be poor, it impacts your store, the reaction time of your site can be slow, which is fatal to an e-shop in today’s competition, and changing servers can end up in more spending and a considerable downtime while you find the right server for you.


However well you start out with your online store, you will have questions and issues to solve. When on a custom platform, the only way to solve your issues is to invest in your developers’ time so they would work it out for you. When your store runs on Magento Community Edition, you can rely on forums, and find your solution on your own. We understand that this is also not the best way to go, as your focus should be on sales, not on fixing technical bugs. With a SaaS you do have an internal support community that can guide you in the right direction, offer support, and in the meantime, your SaaS team is making sure everything runs smoothly in the background.


Custom development is always the more expensive route, but your store adapts to your own image and changes over time. You pay separately for the designers, the developers’ time to set up and create your custom technology, you pay for the technical maintenance over time, and you have the regular cost of your third-party hosting.

Choosing to create your e-shop on a SaaS, you completely change your approach to your costs and business. You spend much less time and money on preparing the shop, and can invest in your marketing and sales, to test the market, create your customer base, expand as you will on a securely scalable platform, and make sure your business is running with profit before investing in any further development.

Go for the win! Build on the work others have already done for you!

Creating a custom e-store takes months of preparation, development, testing and a huge up-front investment. It is only natural that you would want to avoid such hindrances. With Beecom, the power and stability of Magento 2 becomes much more affordable. You get all you need in one service: the store’s back-end setup, hosting, maintenance, and even the design, as Beecom created a customizable template you can modify to your aesthetics and needs. This design follows the latest UX and UI trends, and the technology is under constant supervision and updates. Your costs and time-to-market is reduced significantly, therefore you can increase your ROI from the get-go!

Reach out to us if you would like to find out more, have a chat to see if Beecom is the right choice for you, and we will be happy to assist!