The e-commerce market is projected to surpass 4 trillion dollars by 2020. It’s certain that competition between e-shops will become tougher in the coming years, and that Magento 2 can provide shop owners with the necessary infrastructure to run their business. We help our customers start out with little time and financial investment, so they could focus on sales and create ROI as fast as possible. How? Keep on reading.

Running an e-shop relies on impeccable logistics and a robust platform that can support a great customer experience. Online shopping was gaining popularity in the past years, but by now it has become the norm. Global e-commerce sales have been growing exponentially and are projected to hit 4 trillion dollars by the beginning of 2020. We are confident that Magento 2 can provide shop owners with the fast, secure, reliable and scalable infrastructure to keep ahead of their competition in this saturated market with several big players. We created our Beecom platform to get our customers’ e-shops up and running in the shortest possible time, with low investment and continuous support.

The magic of Beecom

Beecom is based on Magento 2 Community Edition, because we are aware that today’s entrepreneurs like to take things into their own hands and get support only where they find it is useful and inevitable. We wanted to make it possible for anyone, even without design or coding skills, to create a store and know they are setting their foundations on something stable and scalable. We reduced the installation time to minutes and created the necessary back-end interface and design options that eliminate the need for custom development. It is all in the customer’s hands, done in simple steps, and with a reactive and supportive community to help with any questions and issues.

Trusted technology

The Beecom platform is hosted on Google Cloud and runs the newest open-source technologies available. For example, every project installed by a client has its own dedicated space and Kubernetes. We provide security and stability by creating a backup that keeps your shop running even if there is a system failure in one of its instances.

This is just one example of the many technologies and modules we keep adding, updating and integrating into the system to make sure it is always at the frontiers of innovation. Our next big step will be moving from Magento 2 version 2.2.9 to 2.3, in order to implement Progressive Web Application (PWA). It will allow the customers to create web business apps at lower cost, which work on any platform with higher user satisfaction than native apps.

Beecom takes businesses on a smooth ride on the road to success

Here are some of the benefits our customers enjoy by using Beecom as their Magento 2 platform.

Easy start — Beecom is not just a hosting platform, but a full SaaS based on Magento 2 functionalities. Getting through installation to a demo store with or without sample data takes no more than 25 minutes. The rest of the time is spent on easily customizing the template within the tool, setting up the payment methods and stocking up the store.

Low start out costs — Payment for the service can be done monthly or annually, which drastically reduces initial investment. Our customers don’t need to spend on costly custom development or pay up front for hosting and maintenance.

All in one payment — The regular fees for the Beecom SaaS include all expenses, such as the developing of Magento 2 software, growing number of modules, pre-made templates and dashboard, technical maintenance, support, regular updates and more.

Each to their own expertise — while we make sure all is running smoothly in the background, there are no downtimes, no overloads, everything is up to date and scaling is streamlined and hassle free, our customers can focus on running their business.

Community driven improvements — We want to make sure everyone is equally enabled to run their shop on Magento 2. We created our own community where we can respond to the users’ needs and worries. For example, if our customer’s ERP or payment gateway is not yet supported, mentioning it in our community channels will prompt conversation, and show demand. If it’s a popular request, we will make sure to integrate the service within a short timeframe.

Not only is the Beecom platform a great choice for those starting out in the e-commerce business, but it makes migrating an existing store from Magento 1 (which loses support in June 2020) to Magento 2 a piece of cake. The Beecom team can help with the migration and ensure a superfast time-to-market with drastically reduced migration costs.

The time is NOW to try the platform for FREE! In return, we ask you only to join our community and provide us with feedback and suggestions, so we could create the best solutions for all of us. Install Magento 2 in minutes and start boosting your sales!