Hello dear reader and welcome to the Beecom Blog! We created it for all of you who are like us, loving e-commerce and interested in finding out the news in the industry.

In this first post, let me introduce the mission and vision of our start-up.

Beecom Prague is:

  • 🇨🇿 Czech based
  • 🖥 Technology Start-up
  • 🧡 Passionate about Magento
  • and, of course, we love 🍺

We joined forces to make our lives easier, and we want to share this with the Magento community!

We were managing Magento stores for our clients and got sick of the every-day stress of having sleepless nights because the server was down, or a scheduled marketing campaign wouldn’t appear, or products disappearing from the store with no rational reason… We were frustrated because we really like helping clients develop online stores and grow their business, and we truly believe Magento is a great solution. But there was something big missing that the standard SaaS offerings were not delivering. Something that would make the technology stable, streamlined, secure, and still offer a wide variety of features.

We made it happen!

We took matters into our own hands and built our own Beecom Platform based on Magento 2 system. Using our favorite open-source e-commerce platform, we created a cloud product with a one-click installation — a Magento 2 SaaS model that goes way beyond hosting. It makes it easy to create and maintain an e-shop, without a long process of customization.

We created a customizable template to lower the design and front-end development investment to a minimum, we host everything on Google cloud to guarantee up-time and performance, we brought all projects into a centralized dashboard and, most importantly, made it easy to install and maintain for anyone. We are in the back making sure all updates and issues are resolved seamlessly.

We are here to support you!

By creating a Magento 2 SaaS that never fails and includes everything you may need, we want to support you in brand new projects and also switches from the old to the new platform. Our drive is to give back to the Magento community, which gave us everything we know, and which supports us in our mission to help other businesses grow.

If you want to be part of our journey, we will appreciate your input and feedback!

Request demo, fill the form and GO LIVE with your new Magento 2 store today!🚀

Thank you!

With ❤️ Honza from Beecom