Open-source extensions have high-quality standards, good code quality, are being actively maintained, developed and supported by the community. We, at Beecom, are extensively using such extensions and this is a list of extensions that any developer or store owner cannot afford to miss out!

The world of Magento is huge and apart from extensions that can be obtained from Magento’s marketplace, there are also extensions that can be downloaded for free and that should not be missed out!


Open-sourced extensions have usually slightly better code quality and when it comes to support, there is no doubt. My experience with commercial modules and extensions is very bad and in most cases, we ended up rewriting the extension code to:

  • fit our needs as the module did not do what it promised
  • conform with coding and performance standards
  • support, maintain, upgrade and bugfix.

Developers prefer and tend to use open source modules simply because the code is well-maintained, documented, plays nicely with other open-source extensions and last but not least, it’s free to use and temper with.

Okay, but commercial extensions...

Nope. The support available for such extensions is usually via a ticketing system or email and almost always asks for SSH access to servers.

Never ever grant anyone SSH access to your server. 


The main disadvantage of paid extensions is that the developers and store owners have no way of testing how the module will integrate into their solution prior to buying it and developers cannot assess the code quality.

  • administration & tools
  • CMS
  • Catalog & Search
  • Customers
  • Checkout

Most of them are already implemented in our Beecom platform, SaaS e-commerce solution built on Magento 2. If you are already exhausted of keeping your extensions up-to-date, let us care of your tech stack and focus on your customers!

Did we miss any important extensions? What extensions do you prefer?